January 21st, 2016

Yesterday the bite was pretty good for the Perch and the late afternoon/eve typical evening Walleye bite was there as usual. Most Walleyes caught are in the 13″ to 17″ range, or 22″-26″ Perch depending on the day average 8″-11″ and most anglers pick thru them for the “keepers”.  We encourage that all under 10″ be released.

We are pulling more houses and getting things set for the weekend. We checked ice depths in all the ares we are going to so far and we found as little as 13.5″ under deeper snow drifts and as much as 20″ out in the open on clear ice.  The most consistent depths were 17″-18″ in the rougher ice in the first mile from our shoreline. Farther out on the smoother ice was where is was more inconsistent.

For the weekend we will allow tandem wheelhouses and trucks within the first mile on the “rougher ice” and single axle houses with smaller trucks beyond that. We will be marking the roads with cones so anglers know where the ice changes.  Currently we are out to the Graveyard, Banana, Tundra and Tullibee Hole, (approximately 2.5 to 3 miles from our shoreline). In closer we are on Popes, Gull and Spider Island areas. There are some areas where we will not be going to because of the very rough ice conditions, but we are pretty fortunate considering what happened when it froze.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament will be Feb 27th.  $50.00 per person/ 100% payback.  Limited to 150 contestants.  Sign-up and pay entry fee at the office.

Keep a Tight Line!