January 22nd, 2013 8:00a.m.

Sunday night and yesterday despite the cold the Walleye bite was still there for most, the rentals did fair.  The best report was five caught and three were keepable, but everyone had some action. There were very few portable fishermen due to the cold.  My grandaughter Isabel an I put her Christmas Tree out in the “Tullibee Hole”yesterday.

A tradition her great grandfather Clark Lyback started back in the early sixties.  Back then there was no locaters, GPS’s.  So when he would find the deepest part he would mark it with the family Christmas Tree so fishermen knew where it was when they went out there.  Now it isn’t needed for sure, but we still do it for tradition and for Clark.

We are making ice now with the cold, think about putting on your auger extension soon.

Keep a Tight Line!