January 23rd, 2014

This morning I was out on the lake at 6:00 am and it was cold!  But with the wind we had the  day before I had a lot of things to attend to.  By the end of the day things were looking better.

Fishing for those out there was typical high pressure , Lots of Perch, slow Walleye bite. With the warm-up coming tomorrow, and the cool down on Sunday, this weekend looks like it is going to be some good fishing, ( or catching), for those that come up. in my experience over the years you don’t see many times there is such drastic changes from high barometer to low barometer back to back in a couple days. I can almost bet that it will be one of the better weekends so far this year.  Maybe not so good for us that keep the roads open for everyone, but we will make sure everyone will be ok.

The TWP/Lybacks Tournament for Feb 22nd. filled up today, and I’m waiting to see if we can expand it.  I really thought there wasn’t going to be much interest with the way the year has gone so far, but I was wrong.  If we can, we will allow more entrants.  I will let you know as soon as I know more next week.  It will be 100% payback no matter how many people we have.  Thank for you for your support!!   it means alot to Cindy and me….It’s been a tough year for us with all that it has been like up here with poor ice conditions.lots of snow, and not the best fishing..,But It’s so nice to see that despite all of it there are customers that care about what we do out there for them.

Keep a Tight Line!!    ( Like the movie  “Postman”….things are getting better!)