January 23rd, 2015 – evening

Today was a really nice day out there. By noon the sun came out and it was amazing how warm it got till sundown.  It didn’t help the the bite, but for a Friday when fishermen were showing up everyone was in a good mood an anxious for the weekend.

We were very fortunate with the sunlight on the ice and the warm temps that the ice didn’t  move and “push” like it would normally do with weather like this.  I stopped by a rental and they had a camera with a temp probe on it.  From just below the ice to about 6 feet lower the temp stayed at 35 degrees.  That is something you do not normally see.  Normally the water temp just below the ice is freezing or a degree or two warmer, but not that much.  But with the clear ice and the sun shining thru it it warmed the water up that much.  It’s a good thing we are getting some snow and more normal temps as if that would continue for a couple weeks it actually would start melting the ice from the bottom up.

The snow cover coming tomorrow afternoon and evening will help the ice and the bite.

Keep a Tight Line!