January 23rd, 2015

Yesterday we got everything set for the upcoming weekend. The warm weather we are having is really nice when working out there.  Also for fishing too.

Yesterday’s action was mainly Perch, but for some it was just plain slow, and some found Walleyes in the soft side of the transitions.  There was quite a few “roamers” out our way yesterday too.  With the ice conditions with no snow that always happens.  Some resorts tell their customers they can get there from here or there, then after fishing they drive off the lake at a different resorts access, (the one that is closest for them) when they leave the ice. What we do is that if a fishermen want to fish an area that we don’t maintain roads to we recommend them to go to the resort that maintains roads in that area they want to fish instead of telling them they can “get there from here”…. We’ve even had them take there access tag down off their mirror and drive through.  Pretty crazy……

Looks like a good weekend to be on the ice.  Get out there and enjoy it!

Keep a Tight Line!!   Eddy