January 23rd, 2017

Today was a pretty quiet day on the ice.  We had rentals customers out but not many others.  The bite was ok, but nothing to spectacular compared to what people were used to over the last 2-3 weeks.  Perch activity was ok but not many Jumbo’s, (12″ or over is what I call a Jumbo.)  lots of 9″ though.  give them a couple more years…  One angler took pictures of a huge muskie cruising under the ice under his hole..  pretty big fish..

The ice will start to heal up and harden this week with it slowly turning colder, but it will take a couple days.  Hopefully we won’t get much snow on it before it does.  A lot of resorts dealing with the pressure ridge are doing the smart thing and letting things freeze this week in hopes of getting back to it by the weekend.  It was a good thing this warm did not continue or there really would have been some problems.   It pays to check with the resort you go to and not listen to the hype. Everyone on this lake has different conditions to deal with.. it’s a big lake..

Keep a tight Line!!    Eddy