January 23rd, 2016

Friday evening was a good night for the Walleye bite.  Most out there C/R Walleyes with a few kept in the slot. The Perch bite was good this am until about 10:00am when the strong south wind picked up. When making the rounds with the rentals before lunch most said it was pretty quiet. We have a lot of anglers out there this weekend which is nice to see after a long wait for it this year.

Yesterday I got the road into the “Bowl”, (an area we have always done well with Perch.)  Some of the portable and wheelhouse people went out there this morning and at 2:30pm as I am writing this most are still there which is usually a good sign.  We will find out tonite when they stop on their way off.  I also established a road down the SW edge of the Tundra on the steep break for anglers to try the transitions.

Ice conditions as still about 16″-18″ in the rougher ice closer to shore, but it is consistent.  Out farther there is anywhere from 13″-20″ with more of an 14″-16″ average.  We are keeping the larger tandem axle house and rigs in the 1st mile where the consistent ice is just to be safer.  We are asking everyone to keep it slow on the ice roads so they don’t break up so bad as it isn’t really cold enough to heal the cracks as fast as we would like.  Unfortunately anglers coming out of Isle bay and jumping on our roads apparently weren’t told to take it easy or just don’t care as we had to ask a few of them slow down on the roads we maintain for our customers.  (It would be nice if when they go to pay access and ask about where they want to fish,  It would be better if they were told to patronize who is maintaining roads in the area they want to fish instead of misleading them and saying they can get “there from here” and not worry about where they get off the lake.) That is what we have always done here for over fifty years and would expect that from others in this business also.

The Lyback/TWP Tournament is going to be Feb 27th.  Cost is $50.00/contestant with 100% payback in prizes.  Sign-up and register at the office. We are approaching the halfway mark in the 150 contestant limit so far.

Keep a Tight LIne!