January 24th, 2014

Today we got things ready for the snow and wind again….. I hope it will change soon, but who knows…The good thing though with the weather changes the last couple days, fish were biting.  I haven’t seen so much up and downs with the barometer in many years out there.  It was like that a lot in the late 70’s and early 80’s. ( but then we had more fish to catch….) Sounds like we are going in the deep freeze again on Sunday.  Maybe it will mellow out after that.

I decided not to go out to the gravel any more unless the weather pattern changes.  We went out there three weeks ago with high hopes, but fishing wasn’t any better there than in close. And with the wind and snow I’m not spending the money to go there unless it does.

Most of us on this lake know what it takes to go out there and maintain roads so fishermen can get there safely. And we know if it’s worth it or not. It is amazing to me how many fishermen have never seen this and expect that everything is going to be there for them, especially the fishermen that have wheelhouses…plus they consider themselves “portable” and want to pay minimal prices like one..Most of them don’t even know which way the winds blows out there…alot of them need to have a big learning experience I guess…  I don’t care which side their door is on to stay out of the wind, Park them so you can get to the hitch, or don’t expect me to plow you out,  I’ve seen over my years so many fishing areas screwed up because a wheelhouse moves in, the wind blows, drifting everywhere and we have to plow to get them out and the area is screwed…….Maybe the guys that build them should get there sh@#  together…..instead of selling them to a bunch of fishermen that don’t know any different…

Good News…. the TWP/Lybacks Tournament  on Feb. 22nd filled up in one day!   We will have great prizes for everyone and even though fishing might be tough,  I’m betting on some big Northern Pike this year!!

Keep a Tight Line!!