January 24th, 2016

Friday night and Saturday morning the bite was pretty good for most.  By late am when the strong SW wind picked up everything seemed to slow down.  Late afternoon and evening the Walleye bite picked up in 14′-18′ feet.  One rental C/R 17 Walleyes ranging from 13″ to 17″.  some others had decent Perch action along with the Walleyes also.  It definitely seems like the deeper rocks have action in the evening, but from what reports I heard the daytime bite is almost nothing and no Perch seem to be there also.  Tullibee are biting in the Tullibee Hole , there are a lot of smaller ones out there this year, but nice sized ones are there too.

Ice held up well with the traffic and with a few more cold evenings the roads out farther will be more consistent in depth and if the bite improves out there we will be moving houses out farther.  But for now I think we are where we should be.

The Lyback/TWP Tournament is Feb 27th. 150 contestants, $50.00/person, 100% payback in prizes.  There will be augers, ice suits, locators, rod,reels, tackle, portables, and lots of prizes for everyone.  it will be a fun time.  Sign up and register at the office.  We are almost half way there with entries.

Keep a Tight Line!!