January 24th, 2017

Today there was a few fishermen out and the reports when they came in were mixed, but overall I would say slow.

The good news is we got across the pressure ridge and marked the roads to the gravel bars.  and tomorrow we will be putting our biggest bridge out and crossing it.  I will not let anyone across it until I see it there and all is good.  So don’t expect to show up tomorrow morning and go.  I will let you know tomorrow evening. I’ve seen alot of things out there over the years and I’m glad we are finally getting out there.  But something inside is telling me maybe this isn’t necessarily the best thing to do.  Or I’m just getting a little more cautious at my age with the changing of this business.  It used to be one thing to let a car or truck cross on a bridge, but these days with wheelhouses and trucks wanting to cross it is a large increase in weight at one time.  Figure a 3/4 ton truck at 6 to 7 thousand pounds and a wheelhouse that could weigh up to 5 thousand lbs.  That could be up to 12 thousand pounds on bridge that weighs 7 to 8 thousand pounds on 20-24″ of ice….over 20 plus feet of water…  something to think about.

What water out there has soaked into the ice a little and the rest is freezing a little at night so it looks like things will get going the right way over the next week. No promises for houses going across it yet for the weekend as I want to see what happens with the ice ridge/crack as it gets colder, but we will take it day by day for now. But we will let vehicles across it when it gets set.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy