January 24th,2015

Friday overnight some good fishing was had by fishermen in 27-31 feet of water on the transitions for Walleyes.  Most caught were under the slot but a I heard of a couple keepers, and some too big. In 16-20 feet in on spot, some wheelhouse customers caught and released big Walleyes all evening by what they said.  Saturday during the day it was fairly quite with mostly small Perch activity. With the no snow cover on the ice and sunlight, the day bite is pretty slow.

There were a few spearfishermen out our way Saturday, but didn’t hear much except one of them got an 11 lb 39″ Northern. Looked like a torpedo..Plus speared a 36″ 27lb Carp!  that you don’t hear of very often.

Sunday am. I will be in the office and talking to fishermen as they check-out and will get a better idea of how the weekend went and let you know.

Keep a Tight Line!!   Eddy