January 25th, 2015

Today when fishermen were stopping on their way home I got a better idea of how it went over the weekend and there were mixed reports.  Some fishermen did pretty good and others not so.  Friday night was the best overall action.  Saturday when the sun came out it slowed down. Deeper water houses seen Walleyes on cameras, but could not get them to bite. In shallower spots some fishermen did well with keeper Perch. Saturday am before the sun came out some nice Walleyes were caught in very shallow water on Pope’s. So it goes to show they are not all deep.  There were more Walleyes caught in the slot this weekend compared to last and some fishermen said the overall size of the Perch they had caught were larger than earlier this year.

We really need some snow out there on the ice.  Saturday it was very slippery after Friday temps.  Ice cleats were a must if you were going to move around without slipping in most spots.  We sprinkled washed crushed rock around the steps and fronts of our rentals to help prevent tumbles and it helped alot.   Sounds like a few more warm days and then winter will return.  Maybe it will bring us some snow.

All in all is was a pretty good weekend.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy