January 25th, 2016

Sunday evening after most went home and let us know how they did we found that Sunday late morning thru early eve was pretty good for the Perch fishermen in the “Bowl”.  The creel clerk also shared his results of his stop at our place and overall it was a pretty good weekend for most.  Although there were a few reef that just seemed to die.   Pope’s was very slow and Gull Reef also.   More than likely due to large Pike roaming and moving out.  A 38″ Northern was C/R on Gull and one house on Pope’s reported 3 line breakers so I’m thinking that is what was happening in those areas.

With the warmer temps and snow we are going to stay put as far as moving many houses out farther until I see a long range forecast.  The ice overall is averaging 16″ which is pretty good but not if we get a big storm and we are approaching the time of year the chances of one are getting better every passing week.

I would suggest the next ten days anglers get out and enjoy the weather and the action, as for as much bad press Mille Lacs has had  you can still have a good day of fishing out there!

Keep a Tight LIne!