January 25th and 26th, 2014

On Friday night right up to dusk the fishing was pretty good for those that came early.  Overnight it was slower and Saturday day there were Walleyes caught randomly and most were too big.  21″-26″ were the reports.  Also some Northerns were caught, most thrown back. Saturday night leading into Sunday the shallower water produced a few Walleyes, but overall it was slow.

Last night about midnight the snow started and by about 4am.  we had 3-5 inches of fluff and no wind.  Was on the lake at 5:30 plowing two passes along all the road banks and at 7:00 started calling customers and making the rounds to everyone to get off the lake ASAP because of the high winds predicted and sever cold coming.  By 10:30 we had everyone off the lake except for one group from southerm MN.  They had extra gas, full truck and were set till Mon evening.  I’m sure I’ll be out there before that.  By noon the wind kicked into high gear and it’s been a whiteout since.  Nice to know almost everyone is off the lake for tonight. There enough to worry about getting things ready again than to have to wonder if everyone is alright.  It is so much safer to get off the lake before than during something like this .

Now we start all over again Tues…….Keep a Tight Line!!