January 25th,2017

Today we got our bridge out over the pressure ridge/crack so we will be able to get to our areas we would normally be at by this time of year.  As the weather slowly gets colder we will be watching it closely to see what happens.  With no snow cover on the ice, temperature changes can greatly affect the expansion/or contraction of the ice and there will be movement out there.  There is not many times I like seeing snow come, but this would really be a time to get a few inches to insulate the ice from the changes.

For this weekend there will be no trucks with wheelhouses going over our bridge.  Individual vehicles only!  Trucks and wheelhouses, including tandems, can go out and stay on the inside of the ridge.

Another issue for those with permanent houses will be “banking” for the sides.  There is little or no snow out there so some type of hole liner will be a must.

Fishing activity is mostly in the late day/overnite hours.  With the lack of snow cover everything is pretty bright down there and I really think that is making a difference.  And this time of year the bite gets a little tougher. We’ll see how our Perch areas fair over the weekend as we will be fishing alot of the deeper transitions now we are getting out there.

Keep a Tight Line!