January 26th, 2015

Monday was a fairly quiet day on the lake.  We had three rentals and a few wheelhouses that stayed over the weekend thru the day.  Most reports were of pretty slow action.  Lots of small perch and those with cameras were watching Walleyes, but not catching. One weheelhouse went into Northern areas and caught a 39″ Pike.  That was the highlight of the day.

The ice is holding up well despite the warmer temps, but we are loosing snow out there. It sounds like one more day of melting then winter is slowly coming back. And I hope some snow comes with it.  With cold weather on warm ice on a lake this big, as the ice “shrinks” as it cools down we will be seeing cracks. But with the ice thickness at approx 25″ it should be manageable.

Keep a Tight Line!