January 26th, 2016

Monday we received about 4 inches of snow and this week temps are remaining warm with more chances of precipitation of one form or another.   So our ice making weather is over and in the long range doesn’t look like much like cold anymore.  Currently the average depth is about 16″ which typically is not much for this time of year.

The bite was slow yesterday for most out there.  Some anglers that had been using cameras went out and then came back in an hour or so as the snow cover “darkened” the deep water to  a point where they did not work well.  The shallower water was almost the same.  Anglers had activity but it definitely was a change,

Private customers that have houses here that are not out need to contact us as soon as possible with their plans for the rest of the season. We are rearranging our storage lot and need to know.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is on for Feb 27th.  Entry fee is $50.00/person, 100% payback in prizes.  Sign-up at our office to get in on it.  We are halfway there with entries as of yesterday ,

Keep a Tight Line!