January 26th,2017

Today we established roads on the other side of the bridge where we had staked a couple days ago.  So we are out to the Tullibee Hole, Banana Reef ,Tundra area, and the Gravel bars. The wet spots where water collected last weekend in areas of drifted snow had pretty much froze, but some still had slush under them.  It just isn’t freezing as fast with the moderate temps. But it is pretty good going out there.

For now we are still going to keep trucks with wheelhouses off the bridge for tomorrow and I will look at it tomorrow morning and decide if we are going to let them go for the weekend. I will update this at noon so you know.  I’m sure that if we do at all it will be single axle houses only.  The tandems will have to stay on the inside of it.  Even though things look good now, does not mean it will stay that way.  We will also not be pulling permanents out over it yet until after the snow coming early next week.

The Walleye bite is definitely at night now, at least for us. And the shallower water is still as good as the deeper is for now. Some really good numbers are reported in 13-18 feet. in fact more Walleyes in the slot are being caught there than the deeper spots. But with all the bare ice not much is going on during the day except for some Perch.  Not many portable guys have been out in the deep transition areas we can now access, so I can’t honestly tell you what is happening with the Perch out there.  But it is the time of year where the bug hatches should start in the mud, especially with all the sunlight.  So I’m thinking someone will find them out there.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy