January 27th, 2014

By about 2 a.m last evening the wind subsided and most of the drifting stopped.  I went out this morning at 6:30 and checked on the group that stayed out and they were just fine.  There was ground drifting so I just let things sit except for the houses we had to get ready to rent for the overnight tonite.

Not much to report for fishing except those that were leaving Sunday as the front passed were catching fish.   But it was more important to get fishermen off before the wind hit and there was zero visibility.  Too many things can happen out there in those conditions that are no fun at all.

It blew so hard that most of the roads were really good shape  Some east west roads got it, but over all things faired well. Some houses we will be moving to get out of the drifts around them and to try new spots. Sounds like our weather is finally going to stabilize and maybe… .just maybe we can finish the last month of the season with some decent weather.

Keep a Tight Line!