January 28th, 2013 7:45 a.m

Saturday night those out there in shallower water did well with the Walleyes with the full moon.  We heard of lots of reports with 4-10 Walleyes per house, mostly in the slot.   Houses that had did well earlier in the weekend in the deeper water didn’t fair as well.  The daytime bite was slow for almost everyone Saturday and Sunday.  Most activity was at night for the majority of fishermen.  There  seems to be a lot more bait fish in the shallower water than what there has been lately and maybe the bite will continue in there because of that.  (?)  Still not much for Perch action, but out in our “Tullibee Hole”  there is more and more big Perch showing up according to the fishermen out there with cameras.  I would think sooner or later they will go as the mayfly larvae starts to hatch.  Finally last night we received some snow on the ice and maybe it will stick and stay this time.   More snow is forecasted tomorrow and if we don’t get any big winds afterwords the lake will look pretty nice and maybe, just maybe quit moving around.    Ice depth on the average is 22-24 inches so things are looking up in that dept.

Keep a Tight Line!!   Eddy