January 28th, 2014

Today we cleaned up roads and tomorrow moving houses for the weekend.  We are going to move some to shallower reefs as we have had better action there over the last few days.  It’s been a hard year to predict.  Where you would normally think they should go they don’t. Seems to be more minnows in the shallow besides small Perch, (which seem to be everywhere).  20 some years ago we traditionally went shallow for a better bite for a number of years. So we’ll see…….

It always amazes me how some people are.  We had two customers here in the first week of January that rented a deluxe house for a few days.  We moved them to a different house halfway thru their stay, so they could try a different spot, and did everything we could to help them.  They got caught with too many lines by the CO, which was their problem as they knew the rules.  So what did they do?  Stop payment on their check to us… Too bad for them though, because it was $600.00 plus dollars, which is a felony, and I’m making sure they get charged if they don’t make it right soon. I don’t have any time for those kind of guys…

Looking forward to some moderating weather.  Even though it will still be below average they say,  Anything above zero is a treat these days……maybe the fish will like it too!

Keep a Tight Line!