January 29th, 2013 7:00 a.m.

Yesterday was a very slow day for fishermen. Not much for Walleye activity and also with Perch.  It was foggy, hazy and temps were nice to be out there.  The pressure ridge out 3 miles blew up overnight and when we checked it yesterday there was spots that it was 6-8 feet in the air and the ice had broke as far as 30 feet away from the ridge.  Sunday we had crossed it with our ramps to get some fishermen off and I was hoping at the time it had pushed as much as it was going to then, but I was definitely wrong on this one.   We are going to have to have snow cover before it’s going to settle down.

Yesterday we heard the news from the  our DNR meetings with the Bands about “safe harvest” levels.  This next year it is going to be cut in half.  250,000 lbs.  The bands declared half also @ 70,000 lbs.  But if you look at what they actually harvested last year (approximately 80,000lbs.)  when they declared 140,000lbs, things won’t change much for them.  It going to be the anglers that suffer.  There very well could be a catch and release only fishery for Walleye @ Mille lacs for the first time in history.  When is the State of Minnesota and our DNR stand up for it’s citizens??   What happened to Governor Dayton’s statement of everyone should be under the same rules??   For the State to even allow springtime gill netting during spawning time especially when the lake is in trouble is absurd .   You can’t tell me that pulling nets out over eggs and driving up and down the shores with outboard powered jet drives in shallow water spearing doesn’t disturb the Walleyes during spawning.   What the State of Minnesota has allowed to happen to its premier Walleye  lake is a disgrace.