January 29th, 2016

The bite was pretty good yesterday.  Walleyes were the most active in 18-26 feet and the Perch biting too.  Most Walleyes caught were under the slot but there were reports of 23″-25″ Walleyes C/R west of the Banana. The late afternoon evening bite is still good on the shallow rocks as well.  Northern Pike are moving around the Islands so expect some Pike action too.  Roads are doing well with and average of 18″ of ice and tandem wheelhouse and rigs are ok as long as All  wheelhouses keep the speed down below 8 mph.

We moved rentals to new and deeper areas.  And also to get them out of the snow drifts from the last week or so.  With the warm weather the weight of the wet snow caused a fair amount of flooding around some of the house. And with the possibility of significant snow and wind next week it was a good thing to do.

We made some more roads out to the NW of the Graveyard around the rough ice areas and today plan on heading out to the gravel bars to at the least get a road going thru the rough spots before the snow next week, and we will go from there.

The Lyback/TWP Tournament is on for Feb 27th.  Entry fee is $50.00/Person with 100% payback in prizes for everyone.  It will be a fun time.

Keep a Tight Line!