January 2nd, 2014

Not too much to report except for pulling some more  smaller houses.  I did more checking of ice  in hopes of getting farther out and  I found the ice  to be as little as ten inches to as much as 14 where it was flooded and froze.  It seems like the cold has finally got the through to the ice.  Along with that there are more cracks and flooding and slush, mostly in the thinner areas so we are not going farther until that freezes.  I tried yesterday with the Jeep but made it about 100 yards to the first crack and broke through to 6 inches of slush.  The good news is that “historic”  cold weather is coming,  (I like how the weathermen say that!) and that should help a lot.

We  are going to prepare for the cold snap the next couple days and get as much ready as I can for spots, wait out the cold snap and go.  My plans are to get all of my customers out “somewhere” before next weekend.    A lot of work is ahead.

Fishing was a little better yesterday.  Still a lot of small Perch and the Walleyes are biting at night. Another 40 inch plus Northern  was caught in one of our rentals.  I recommend that everyone coming up should bring gear for Northerns.  With all the smaller Perch this year, it is an opportune time to get that Trophy Pike!

Keep a Tight Line!