January 2nd, 2013

Last evening about 7:00 pm the lake pushed and made so much noise we could hear and feel it in the office.  What happened was the crack I mentioned yesterday in the gravel slammed shut.  ( A good thing)  We just had too much temperature change in 36 hours. When it goes from 15 below to 25 above that fast something is bound to happen and it did. We are letting 1/2 ton trucks with single axle wheelhouse out and will be letting 3/4 ton trucks only out tomorrow.   If you have a tandem wheelhouse you can go with an ATV if you want but we will be keeping the big truck/wheelhouse rigs off.  I’m not going to let happen what happened up on the east side at some resorts last weekend happen here.   Especially with the warmer temps coming nothing will heal if they break up the roads.  It would wreck the weekend for us and all of our regular customers.

Fishing was fair today, mostly Perch action and later in the afternoon the Walleyes started.  I’m sure with the weather change tonight will be a good bite for Walleyes.   Today one of our rentals on Ray’s Reef caught a Crappie, (a rare thing for us out on the main lake, especially there…..) Maybe it the sign of a Crappie takeover like Red Lake had years back!!!!  LOL!  Anyways, we will be checking out the ice to the gravel and the cracks/ridges tomorrow and if it heals we might be letting traffic out there, but  no promises yet!

Keep a tight line!