January 2nd, 2015

Today not much was going on except Perch.  Last evening a couple of shallow spots did well with Walleyes, even a few “keepers”.  With the harvest slot we currently have that is good. Rumors were floating around today that a 48″, 28lb Northern was caught and released in a private house near Spider Island, but I want to see the pictures and have yet to at this writing.  if that is true that is probably the biggest I’ve seen or heard of since I was a kid.

The ice is quiet and doing well with the warmer weather and it sounds like we will not get much snow tomorrow.  But Saturday night and Sunday we are going back into the deep freeze until mid-week.  Even a couple inches of snow with the winds they are predicting Saturday night and Sunday are going to be low visibility out there for sure.  And when the cold gets to the ice it will be making some noise .The timing is good as most will be going home Sunday and we will have a couple of quiet days during the cold snap. The ice will get pass the “don’t worry so much” point and that will be good. ( That doesn’t mean wheelhouse guys can drive fast after this …lol!)

This year so far is off to a good start for most of us here at Mille Lacs.  There were a couple “hiccups” with two short warm spells, but overall to have a pretty good Christmas Week and New Years was nice to see.  Tonight when I was out  widening the road to the Gravel Bars before tomorrows snow and Sunday’s wind it was nice to see a familiar blue flashing light from a truck to the west doing the same thing…  Made me feel good to be out there again……just like old times…… 🙂

Keep a Tight Line!