January 2nd, 2016

Yesterday was a nice day to be out on the ice here.  Weather was nice, sun was out and the fishing was pretty good for most.  I would expect with this consistent weather it should be a repeat today.

Ice conditions where we are going is a pretty consistent 8 inches.  some places in the “rougher ice” with slush under it closer to shore was closer to 9″-10″.  The farther out and closer to the ridge where there was open water a week ago Wed. it thinned out.  Some fishermen found 5″ ice when they approached it, so definitely pick up a map at the office so you know where NOT to go.

It will be ATV/Snowmobile/Portable only for some time yet as the temps we are having are not making much for ice. And I’m not going to take the chance of getting alot of houses on the ice without having enough ice to drive the bigger trucks for plowing in case a snow comes.  Privates are welcome to come up and “camp” in their houses,  We have plenty of room in our large parking area for wheelhouses to do the same.  I have our 8’by12′ rentals and available and privates that have 8’by12′ houses I will pull with the Jeep also if they can ATV to them on their own.

Keep a Tight Line!