January 2nd, 2017

Today the bite was good in the early morning, but when the wind started blowing from the east it slowed down for most.  A few anglers found some nice Perch in 17 feet and Walleyes were caught by most almost everywhere they went but they were obviously not as active as the weekend.

We got things ready for the snow and wind coming the next day or so. we worked on the pressure ridge to knock down the ice and smooth things out so the snow won’t drift in where we want to cross.  Checked ice depths and are averaging 13 to 15 inches.  So I’m hoping that with the cold weather coming the next few days we will get in the comfortable range for ice depths by the weekend.  My plans are to pull as many private houses as I can to get them out for the customers Wed,Thur,Fri.  (If you want to come up, call the office and let them know, I’m not pulling someone’s house if they are not going to use it.)

Also, we have quite a few rentals still available for the weekend, so call and book one while the bite is on.  it is a major improvement over the last couple years and so far most are pretty happy with their catches.

As far as wheelhouses and trucks pulling them, watch the report Thursday night and after we check ice depths that day I will post what our plans are.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy