January 30th, 2013 9:30 a.m.

Yesterday fishing was pretty tough out there, not much action for either Walleyes or Perch.  But yesterday late afternoon  those that went into shallow reefs, 8-10 feet caught Walleyes, and overnight I heard mixed reports. Some did well, some didn’t.  It definitely is still worth the trip.   There are more Jumbo Perch showing up in the Tullibee Hole, but still not very active.  Hopefully a larvae hatch will get them going.  There is more and more small Perch in the shallow areas and where there is small Perch there will be Walleyes, probably only biting in the dusk hours and random thru the night, but they will be there.  I read in the paper last Mpls. Star-Tribune that the Bands will more than likely net  this spring during the spawning despite the worries of the  MN-DNR about male population drops.   Mille Lacs is the only lake I know of that Walleyes are netted during spawning time.  Why is it that in other parts of the country that doesn’t happen?  Why does the State of Minnesota itself protect spawning areas from anglers farther up north in the spring and they allow the bands to do this here?  In my opinion is the government officials in St. Paul have no guts to challenge anything. I’m not arguing “treaty rights” here, they have the right to harvest. But from everything I have read the State of Minnesota still has finally say over it’s resources.  We have some of the best fisheries guys in the nation here at Mille Lacs and they aren’t the problem, it’s the people at the top and their policies of doing nothing. Is it ever going to change?

Keep a tight Line!!          Eddy