January 30th, 2015

Early morning Friday the cold got to the ice and in a couple areas there were cracks as wide as 16 inches.  With 25 inches of ice it wasn’t too much of a problem. We put ramps across them and pack the spots on the roads with snow and by evening things were looking pretty good. With no snow on the ice it’s bound to happen.

Fishing was on the quiet side as not many fishermen out there and by afternoon people were arriving for the weekend so they were just getting started, With the cold the barometer shot up and it showed.

For those that want to know about the Lybacks/TWP Contest on Feb. 21st.  The entry fee per person is $50.00.  (Has been for 2 years).  Contest start time is 7:00am. Weigh station is open at 2:00pm.  Contest will end at 4:00 pm. (Has been 5:00pm in the past, but I wanted to change it so prizes could be distributed before it got too late in the evening). I will post the prizes and categories next week.

Keep a Tight Line!         Eddy