January 30th, 2016

Friday’s anglers reports from Thurs eve and thru the day were good. Walleyes under the harvest slot dominated the catch for most with some reported in the 22″-26″ range.  Perch were active in the gravel/rock and the deep mud basins as well as Tullibee.  I am looking forward to a good weekend of fishing out there.

The ice gave us some problems Thursday afternoon and Fri am on the shoreline approach and because of our location, the islands and Pope’s Point had some major cracks due to the shifting, but things calmed down during the day and most is back to normal.

So far it is sounding like we will be on the “edge” of the big snowstorm early next week which will be a blessing for us on the lake this year.  With all the problems Mille lacs and it’s people around it have gone thru with the “political abuse” of it’s fishery over the last 15 years (everyone knows what I mean) and negative publicity brought from it, maybe at least the weather will help us out…

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is Feb 27th. Entry fee is $50.00/person limited to 150 entries. 100% payback in prizes. There are still spots left so sign up and have some fun!

Keep a Tight Line!