January 30th,2014

Today we made some new roads west of Spider Island and to what we call the “Bowl”.  We are going to go shallower, let fishermen fish for Northerns and overnight Walleyes.  Lots of small Perch and baitfish in areas like that, so that is where we are going to be.

We only received a dusting of snow today which was nice for a change, but the cold NW wind caused some drifting, but not difficult. Private customers coming up this weekend will need to think about getting their houses ready to move.  Some are collecting too much snow around them and it’s not worth staying there unless the fish are jumping out of the holes….

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is Feb 22nd.  if you read yesterdays blog, we opened it up for some people that didn’t get to sign up the first day it filled. We will shut the entries down tomorrow evening at 8:00 pm.  (Friday).  So it’s the last chance you have to enter.

Keep a Tight Line!!