January 31st, 2016

Fishing reports were pretty good Friday evening and Saturday.  Some didn’t do very well but most did.  (I have yet to see everyone out there do well at once) Lots of under the slot Walleyes and some overs, a 28″ Walleye was C/R in the Bowl. The bite was good.  Perch did well in the shallower basins although you had to pick thru the smaller one to get the 10″ keepers. Anglers with cameras on NW Gull in 16 feet were watching Walleyes all morning on Saturday but they wouldn’t bite. Anglers on Spider were doing well with Perch.  So along with the deeper breaks the shallow water did well too.

One of my concerns of the bite, (and not to be negative) is that the anglers that are fishing that deeper water and mud know what they are doing when they get a small Walleye on. They need to be pulled up slowly so the bladders don’t blow. I heard of numerous anglers that were catching many small Walleyes in the 28-32ft breaks that said they were seeing that happen. I’m sorry, but if they are biting like crazy, they are under the slot, why sit there and do it over and over? Think about it…is that protecting them?

The ice stayed put during this warm spell so far, but I will be glad when the “thaw” is over. It looks like we will get some snow from the next storm, but will not be in the thick of it at least.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is Feb 27th. There are still spots left.  Entry fee is $50.00/person and 100% payback of prizes.  There will cash prizes for biggest Perch, Walleye, Northern, and Tullibee.  Drawings will include augers, locators, suits, portables, rod-reel combos, and many other numerous prizes.  Big fish winners will not be eligible for door prizes.  Everyone will get something.

Keep a Tight Line!