January 3rd, 2013 8:20 pm

Today was busy one getting houses out for the weekend.  This afternoon with the temps dropping this afternoon we lost one of our roads with cracks because of the traffic and pulling of houses.   Fortunately we have two other and we can work around it until it heals.  No one will be going out until daylight after we check the roads to see where we stand. We are still sticking to 1/2 ton vehicles with single axle wheelhouses and 3/4 ton trucks by themselves.  No travel out the gravel except with ATV’s.  The few customers vehicles with trucks out there  were told to stay put until the road heals.  Even with 15-16 inches of ice in most places we have to remain careful with the weather warming over the next couple days.

Fishing overall was slow today during daylight hours.  Last evening the Walleye bite continued to be good for most. The best action today was in the deeper transitions.  Keep a tight line!  Eddy