January 3rd, 2015

Last evening and this mornings bite was pretty slow for most out there. But this afternoon when the snow started, (for a little while), and then the front moved thru with the wind the bite turned on for most.  It lasted about two hours and then it went back to slow from what reports I heard tonight. And the rumored 48″ in Northern caught yeasterday was actually 46″.  Nice fish!

When the wind started I went around to all of the rentals and pushed new drifted fresh snow up on all of them to make things more comfortable as the wind really bucked for awhile around dusk.  Good thing we didn’t get a lot of snow or it would have been a big mess.  We only received maybe an inch and with the wind there was a few times it was pretty much a whiteout,  At this writing at 9:30 pm the winds have settled down to 20mph, but for awhile there was 30-40 mph gusts.

Things are going to get cold up here this next week with sub zero lows, but not the numbing cold we had last winter for about a month and I’m just fine with that…  by the end of this week we should be reaching the 20″ inch mark on ice depth so things will be a little easier out there. And it would actually be nice to see some snow to slow down the fishermen that think they can run anywhere.

This a.m. I watched two trucks come out of Isle Bay about 30 mph, driving past houses, then stopping and fishing by rentals and other permanent like they didn’t know how to find their own spot. (probably not smart enough).  Then went and made spear holes and set up portables for a short while then moved.  i went out because of phone call complaints from other fishermen about them. I found wide open spear holes approx. 30″ square not filled with ice or snow or marked in any way.  Just a word or warning to those going out where I go.  If I see another hole like that again, anyone spearing will get a drive by from me with the plow down, (just to check……), and will make sure I spook any fish away with the noise… Either fill your spear hole and mark it when you leave or don’t spear.  Imagine hitting a 30″ square hole tomorrow after the wind and cold tonight with an inch of ice on it with a wheel from your truck…… probably would piss you off……..remember that.

Keep a Tight Line!




Keep a Tight Line!