January 4th, 2018

The Walleye bite was definitely at night last evening, and it is looking more and more like that trend will continue.  One rental caught 13 Walleye, one of which was in the slot and others on both sides of it in 16 feet. Still 14-18″ feet is working for the night bite.

The last two days I have been pulling customers houses out.  Today I set 8 of them on deep transitions in the Tundra. It will be interesting to see how the bite is out there at night.  The ice roads are doing fine.  This cold is finally getting us some ice and not making it so worrisome.

Wheelhouse fishermen.  Starting Friday we will allow up to 3/4 ton trucks and tandem wheelhouses out our access. Most ice on the roads we started is 15″-18″ or more in some spots. Until then it will be 1/2 ton and single axle wheelhouses only. most areas out where we are going under the snow where there is no roads is approximately  12″-14″ thick.  Some areas in rough ice it is thicker except where ice ridges with drifted snow.  It is much thinner there and you need to stay away from them.  Some are already starting to sink from the weight of the drifted snow. I recommend finding where you want to set up off the roads, walk out with an auger and check the ice depth in the area and the way your going to get there.  When you are confident of the ice thickness then move your rig to it.

A reminder that the way we charge access for a wheelhouse is when you register your name, phone, truck and wheelhouse in the office you pay $40.00 up front. You will be charged $10.00/calendar day that you are out there. ( Example: you arrive Friday and stay on the ice till Sunday, when you stop at the office on your way off the ice you get $10.00 back). That way we know you are off the ice with your wheelhouse and we get a fishing report from you.  You will be required to stop at the office and let the worker know who you are before going back out on the ice if you run to town for supplies over your stay. NO wheelhouses will be allowed on the ice AFTER DARK if it is your first trip out of our access for the season, so if you are planning and coming up, make your arrival in the daylight. And of course you will be strongly encouraged to keep your travels speeds down below 8 mph to protect the ice on road.  You only have to drive a short distance here to get to good fishing here.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy