January 3rd, 2018

Yesterday I started to pull more of our customers houses out and will continue thru the week with the goal of getting those that want to come up for the weekend out there.

This cold weather even though miserable was a blessing for us as it finally cooled the ice down so it is making ice the last 3-4 days.  The ice depths on the roads are 14-18″ and more in spots and off in the snow alot of it is 12″ to 14″ so its getting better, There is still some areas that are thinner so you shouldn’t go driving around anywhere without checking it first.

We are letting up to 3/4 ton trucks with tandem wheelhouses out on most of our roads starting Friday. Until then it will be 1/2 ton and single axle wheelhouses.  Access is open for all single vehicles. As always we will urge all going out to stay under 8 mph on the ice roads.

The bite still seems the best in 14-18′ and rocks, best times is early morning, late afternoon and overnight. The deep breaks have not don that well, but not many have been out overnight on them yet.  It has been mostly portable traffic during the day.

Keep a Tight Line!