January 4th, 2013 – 7:00pm

Today was a good day on the lake for quite a few fishermen.  Walleyes were caught in deep and shallower areas early morning and late afternoon. Most were too big to keep, but many fishermen reported some keepers too. Perch activity was good for some, but most had to pick thru a lot of 6-8 inchers to get some 10-12’s. With the weather warming the ice tightened up and no cracks.  We are still running on the Spider and Graveyard roads and letting the main road heal. We are able to get to all the places we normally fish.

We are letting 1/2 tons with wheelhouses out, 3/4 ton trucks and smaller vehicles thru the weekend.  With the weather forecast and the way the Walleyes are biting is should be a good weekend out of here.

Keep a tight line!     Eddy