January 4th, 2014, eve

Today after the wind died down about 10:00am. Things actually got pretty nice out there.  The sun came out and it really didn’t feel that cold.  Spent time getting the roads cleaned up and prepping the areas around the Graveyard Reef for pulling of more houses this coming week.

Considering the cold and the wind fishing wasn’t too bad.  Some Walleyes caught,during the night, best depths were 10-16 feet. And today we seen 5 Northerns caught from 37 to 42 inches in rentals and privates.  Even though it was only one a house it made their day in the houses that caught them.  One rental had a big sucker down and the kids got to watch a huge Northern look it over and almost take it, (but didn’t),  but from what I heard it will be something they will never forget!

We are going to keep going thru thru this cold, and from what I’ve seen so far it is not going to be as bad as they forecasted. Temps will be cold, but the wind is staying down. Our rentals are warm and cozy, and we had all customers fill up with gas in there vehicles so they could keep them warm off and on thru the night just in case.  A lot chose to stay out  just to say they did! Most everyone will be leaving Sunday and miss the coldest.  But the good thing is that is will really help the ice out and start freezing up some of the slush spots so we can get out there .

Keep a tight Line!!