January 4th, 2016

Yesterday wrapped up a pretty good weekend for the first one.  Perch activity probably was the highlight for most.  There is still alot of little ones out there but more 9-11″ inch Perch were showing up along with some of what I would call “Jumbos”  the 11″-13″.  At the least it shows that they are making it thru the bait fish stage and growing.

Walleyes were also a  refreshing change from last year with lots of anglers catching 13″ to 17″ range and some too big were caught also.  I seen four pics of 24″to 27″ and heard of a few others.  No reports of Northern Pike.  A couple of line breakers were mentioned so I presume some were around, but the few spear fishermen that came had no luck.

Ice is still the bad part.  We have little of it.  Still is about 8-9 inches in close and 6-7 out farther and not getting thicker very fast.  The weather sounds like cold is finally coming next Sunday which will be nice, but that means we might not get many houses out before the weekend.  We will see what happens there as the week progresses. For now it will be ATV/Snowmobile/portable and we will rent out our smaller 8’by 12′ rentals and shuttle anglers back and forth.

Keep a Tight Line!