January 4th,2017

This morning I was up at 5 and got the parking at the office snow blowed and the approach cleaned out.  At the time the wind was down and I figured we would be pulling  houses getting ready for the weekend.  By sun up the wind picked up to 20 mph plus and the drifting was so much I decided to let it be for the day and went to the marine shop.  This afternoon about 3:00 pm the wind dropped and I went out and  check things for the morning.

We will be starting to pull privates that want to come for the weekend Thursday and will be checking ice and marking. I will post tomorrow evening on this report about ice thickness and what I will be letting go out as far as wheel houses and trucks.  I’m pretty sure we will have seen a big increase in thickness since Monday and probably will be in pretty good shape as far as ice goes.

No one was out today as we kept them off the roads while they were drifting. But it will be a very busy time next 4 days….

keep a Tight Line!   Eddy