January 5th, 2014

The highlight this weekend was big Northerns during the day, and Walleyes at night.  Not everyone caught them, but those that did were happy.  It seems that things are still shallow yet.  Those that went deeper, didn’t fair that well.  You have to take what you can get I guess and with the way the ice is, we’re glad  for what we got.

This cold weather despite how miserable it may be is a blessing for us trying to get out there on the ice.  Some slush spots are freezing so we can get over the top of them, ( which is good) and the roads are making alot of ice and “floating up” which is also good.  I’m still going to clear big areas where we put houses so they don’t have flooding problems and can sit on “islands of ice”.  a lot of extra work, but it will pay off if we get a big snowstorm in the future.   Today i got time to get more areas ready and I am planning on getting almost all of my customers out so they can enjoy the last 8 weekends of the season.

Remember the Lybacks/TWP  Tournament is still planned for February 22nd!   Planning is starting this next week and entry fees, etc will be announced a week from now.  If you want to get on the sign up sheet, call Cindy next week and she’ll get your name on it.  Entries will be limited to 125 contestants.  Same as last year… 100% payback, so there will be a lot of good stuff for everyone.

I’ve heard comments that sometimes this year I’ve been “negative” in my blog at times.  To be honest,sometimes I have been.  I’ve been doing this all my life, (which is a long time)  and  I have seen probably more than I should have out there. Despite what anyone does that is “new” there is only  so much you can do to change things on the ice.  And I have been changing things out there for years.   I have always been someone that doesn’t “sugarcoat” things to get business and if you don’t like that…I’m sorry.  I tell you what i do and how i feel and what it is like and I hope some of you appreciate that.  Not everything is good all the time…….but things will get better..

\Keep a Tight Line!!