January 5th, 2016

Yesterday there was only a few anglers out. Fishing was ok from the reports I heard. Perch were slower for the keeper size but the dusk Walleye bite was good.  We had one rental that kept two 12″ Perch and caught 5 Walleyes at dusk.  A couple portable anglers caught lots of small Perch some smaller Walleyes had a linebreaker and kept one 19″ Walleye.

With the warmer weather coming the next few days we are going to keep everything as is as far as houses on the ice goes.  Today’s strong south winds are bringing in warmer weather so we are going to wait till whatever moisture comes thru and cold arrives before starting to pull more.  Starting Saturday things are going to change and it sounds like we are going to have a week at least of sub-zero temps so we will finally get going!

Keep a Tight Line!