January 6th, 2013

This weekend was a good one for catching Walleyes.  The bite was mainly at night and a lot of fishermen did well. Most Walleyes were too big to keep, but many enjoyed catching and releasing 20-28 inch Walleyes.  Perch action was good in some areas, but it’s still hard to find “jumbos”.   You can get them but you have to pick thru smaller ones to end up with nice ones.   The ice held up well and is improving.  We had a pretty nasty crack out about 3 miles that I think will will close up with the warm weather coming.  But it’s in a spot where traditionally it could give us problems for some time.  Right now with the bite as it is, its not necessary to go out that far.  We’ll wait and see how the weather treats us.

I’ve heard a lot of feedback from anglers about the Walleye and the sizes of fish they are catching.  Some  are disappointed that they can’t catch any they can keep for a meal, and others are elated that they can catch that many fish of that size in an outing.  Many are asking what’s up with the Perch and where are the big ones.  I would like to a better balance of the catch myself.  We’ll see if our DNR does anything soon I guess.   But if you want to catch some big Walleyes, now is the time.

Keep a tight line!   Eddy