January 6th, 2014

Today was very cold and windy on the ice.  We had two rentals and fishing was typical high pressure fishing.  Lots of small Perch, not much else.  One rental caught and released 2 Northerns about 7 and 9 lbs.   But that was it.

I spent the whole day on the Graveyard Reef  making spots for houses. and cleaning up roads as the wind died later in the day.  Pretty cold out there and had to take it easy with the equipment so it took awhile.  I’m really looking forward to this warmer weather coming, but the ice out there still could use the cold.  A lot more cracking and flooding has occurred on the thinner ice farther out and I’m hoping the pretty soon it will be froze enough to get over the top of it.

Keep a Tight LIne!!