January 6th, 2015

Today was a cold and windy one out there.  Especially from noon on. By dusk the wind was approaching 30 mph gusts and visibility was pretty tough. We opened up and cleared the hard drifts away from all the houses so the cold could get to the ice around them. We got a few ready to move and will finish that tomorrow when the wind drops.

We had four rentals today and fishing was pretty slow with mainly Perch action. Walleyes were biting for some but most all were 12-14 inches.  One rental had a big Northern on and wrap up all 8 lines in the house then got away.  Those out in portables found some action in the deep mud of the reefs.  With the weather the way it was it was to be expected.  I’m thinking later this week and weekend will be much better with the weather changing and barometer dropping.

One thing for sure with this cold…..we are making ice!!

Keep a Tight Line!           Eddy