January 6th, 2017

Ovenight and early this morning the bite was good.  It slowed midday and at dusk took off again from reports I heard as some of the anglers were leaving.  Some big Northern Pike were caught in close around the Island, and the best Walleye depth for us was 18-24 feet.

We got alot of customers houses out the last couple days and still have a bunch to go, but we will slow down the pace a little bit over the rest of the weekend.  i don’t like making a bunch of noise pulling when people are out there fishing.

We also have a pretty good size crack and or ridge,(depending on the temperature changes) to deal with if we are going to get to the Banana Reef, Tundra and gravel bars.  It is moving daily and from what i heard this morning from other places on the lake.  Apparently quite a few resorts are having problems. Some to the point of shutting down their accesses, so make sure you call ahead to where you are planning to go out of and see what they have going..

Unfortunately until we get some snow covering the ice this problem will continue. Maybe what is coming Monday-Tuesday will help if we don’t have a lot of wind behind it.  this year it seems that every snowfall has been followed by a strong west/northwest wind and with the smoother ice farther out it get blown clean.

We are only allowing 1/2 ton trucks with single axle wheelhouses out of our access for this weekend.  After Monday we will check ice and go from there.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy