January 6th, 2018

Another (and hopefully the last for awhile) of – 20 something lows this morning.  It’s been a long cold stretch, but it was a blessing for those of us in the ice fishing business.  After a slow start to the freeze, the last 10 days the we made ice and know we are sitting pretty good.

The bite is mainly at night in our areas, and pretty good at that despite the cold.  The day bite is sporadic.  Keep-able Perch are starting to show up in the catch, which is really good to see. Not alot of numbers, but nice ones never the less.

Been listening to other social media reports about that you have to move all the time to catch fish.  Otherwise if you sit you will get nothing. To that I say bull. If you know what you are doing and know how to find spots on structure that the fish will go looking for food at ,you will catch fish. If all the hype of  “modern” ice fishing turns it into a circus of moving around all the time, drilling holes and disturbing others, It will ruin it for all eventually.  Plus it’s not supporting the resorts that know what they are doing and put their rental houses on spots that do catch fish. If you want to “chase” Walleyes.. wait till summer and do it in your boat,  ice Fishing is much more than just seeing how many fish you catch..

With the temperatures moderating it will be interesting to see if the bite changes, and more importantly, how the ice does after being so cold for so long. Hopefully our snow cover will moderate the change a little.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy