January 7th, 2015

Today I moved some of the rentals that had alot of snow around them to new spots.  Most to deeper water, but I kept some in shallower as it is still good in spots, especially at night. We took the disc out and ground up some of the rougher ice out farther that was making the roads bumpy, but still have alot to do before I will like them.  But it was a great improvement.

Today bite was mainly lots of small Walleyes, especially SE of the Banana.  Not many out with the wind and cold though.  Last evening the wind let go again and this morning it was a whiteout even with no snowfall. Tomorrow we are supposed to get 1-3 inches and in the evening the wind is going to let go again. So Friday will be a very busy day getting everything ready for the weekend as it is going to be pretty nice Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Maybe this “wind thing” will go away until April!  🙂

We have enough ice for wheelhouses and trucks everywhere we are going as long as everyone keeps there speed down on the clear ice. And with the warmer weather over the weekend the ice should stay put.  We have roads to the South Gravel Bars, and all of our deeper reefs and the long slope south of the Tundra, so there are lots of places to try.

Don’t forget!  The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is Feb 21st!  Call the office and check in for it!

Keep a Tight Line!!        Eddy