January 7th, 2016

Yesterday we had four groups of anglers out.  It was pretty slow thru the day but later afternoon and evening the bite improved.

We checked ice conditions and most area now have between 8-10 inches of ice.  Getting out farther there was areas where ice had sunk from the weight of ridges that formed two weeks ago when the ice was moving.  Those areas had a layer of ice about 2″-4″with as much as 2 feet of slush before hitting ice again. so that will be limiting us on getting out farther for awhile.  Once we get this cold weather that’s coming.  things will improve pretty fast.

Our plans are after this weekend if we can get an honest 12″ inches we will start pulling more houses to limited areas.  We will do our best to get our customers to where they want to go, but some spots just might not be accessible for awhile.  For this weekend it will be ATV/Snowmobiles/portables.   ATV’s with wheelhouses. and Rentals will be shuttled.  Due to the cold weather every rental needs to bring an ATV or snowmobile to have at their house  in case of an emergency.

Keep a Tight Line!